Asrb Online Examination Facility

ASRB Online Examination Facility


CIFA has been selected by ASRB as one of the centre to host online ARS Prelim/Net examination. For this purpose four examination hall with a total seating capacity of 100 students to appear for online ARS Prelim/Net examination has been created. It was inaugurated by former member ASRB Dr. M. J. Modayl.


ASRB Online Examination Conducted Till Date

  1. NET-2014 from 26th March to 4th April 2014.
  2. ARS-Prelim/NET 2014 NET Examination from the 22nd Sept to 28th Sept, 2014
  3. Assistant Grade Examination - 2014  from the 05th January 2015 To 13th January, 2015
  4. ARS Preliminary Examination and NET – 2015 and   from the 04th Dec 2015 To 10th Dec, 2015
  5. NET - 2016 from the 1st August 2016 To 6th August 2016
  6. 16th May to 21th May 2017 ASRB Online ARS NET-I(2017)/ARS Prelims Examination (2016)
  7. 6th April to 10th April 2018 ASRB Online ARS NET/ARS Prelims Examination
  8. 27th Dec 2018 to 29th Dec 2018 ASRB Online ARS NET – 2018 Examination
  9. NET – 2019 Examination  9th January to 11th January 2020