Director Desk



Welcome to ICAR-CIFA, the 9th best premier research institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Over the years, this institute has spread it’s wings from a humble beginning as a Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Training Centre (FARTC) to the present day ICAR-CIFA, an institute of national importance and eminence in the freshwater aquaculture. This institute has immensely contributed nationally and internationally, with the advent of genetically improved rohu and catla, GI-scampi, new and innovative technologies for the culture of a diversified fish species, feed formulations for various freshwater fish species, disease diagnostics and therapeutics, cutting edge research and training for enhancing the skills of farmers and several other stake holders. We envisage to enhance the farmer’s income through the development of eco-friendly technologies and economically viable fish and shellfish production systems, and also to make the Indian freshwater aquaculture as globally competitive for the livelihood and nutritional security. With it’s four regional research centres (RRCs) at Rahara, West Bengal; Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh; Bengaluru, Karnataka, and Bathinda, Punjab, this institute caters the local and regional neds of the farmers and entrepreneurs. In the present context of the “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, enrichment of knowledge, enhancement of skills and empowerment of human resources are very critical, and for that ICAR-CIFA has signed MoUs with several research institutes and Universities. We have several cutting-edge research laboratories, huge farm facilities, highly qualified and experienced scientists, technical officers, administrative, financial and supporting staffs. We are dedicated to help and support our stake holders, and we are prompt to respond their queries.

On behalf of all staffs, I heartily welcome you at the ICAR-CIFA, and assure you the best of our services!!

Jai Hind

Dr. Pramoda Kumar Sahoo

Director, ICAR-CIFA