Priced Publications

Priced publications/CDs available at ATIC, CIFA

i. Books in Hindi

Sl. No. Title of the Publication Price (in Rs)
1. Machli evam jhingo ka rog nidan 100.00
2. Meethe pani me moti sambardhan 200.00
3. CIFA Pradyogiki 200.00

ii. Books in English

Sl. No. Title of the Publication Price (in Rs)
1. Breeding and seed production of asian cat fish 200.00
2. Genetic improvement methods in Asiatic carps 200.00
3. Aquatic pollution and management 650.00
4. Giant freshwater prawn complex 200.00
5. Aquaculture technologies for farmers (2009 Ed) 400.00
6. Aquaculture technologies for farmers ( 2011 Ed) 400.00
7. CIFA : 25 years of freshwater aquaculture research 750.00
8. Strategies for Aquaculture Development 350.00
9. Invited Papers on Application of Solid State Fermentation Technology in Aquaculture" 500.00
10. Rohu (Labeo rohita) Database 500.00

Computer CDs

Sl. No. Title of the CD Language Price (in Rs)
1. Catfish ( Magur) farming Hindi/Oriya/English 300.00
2. Freshwater Prawn hatcheries for boosting prawn production Hindi/Oriya/English 300.00
3. Ornamental fish breeding and Culture English 300.00

Outstation delivery is made against advance payment through Demand Draft drawn in favour of “ICAR Unit CIFA” payable at State Bank of India, Kausalyaganga (Code 8874). Please add Rs 50.00 towards postage and forwarding charges for each publication/CD.

For further enquiry contact ATIC Manager