Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)

The Mission ATIC

The corner stone of India’s blue revolution is availability of quality seeds and improved management practices for increased productivity, sustainability and stability of various enterprises. This has triggered the search by the farmers for availability quality fish seed, fish feed and other inputs, easy accessibility to diagnostic services for soil and water, health management, availability of appropriate information packages through printed, audio, video and electronic media and increased scope of Consultancy services, Often, it has been seen that the farmers are not aware as to whom and where to approach for seeking site-specific solutions to their field problems.

The establishment of Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) forged a better interaction between researcher and technology users. This serves as a single window system with an objective to help the farmers and other stakeholders both to provide solution to their location specific problems and make available all the technological information along with technology inputs and products for testing and use by them.


The objectives for establishing ATIC as a single window system are as follows:

  1. To provide a ‘single window’ delivery system for the products and species available from an institution to the farmers and other interested groups as a process of innovativeness in Technology Dissemination at the institute level.
  2. To facilitate direct access to the farmers to the institutional resources available in terms of technology, advice, technology products etc. for reducing technology dissemination losses; and
  3. To provide mechanism for feedback form the users to the institute. ATIC is a “single window” support system linking the various units of a research institution with intermediary users and end users (farmers) in decision making and problem solving exercise.


Considerable farm worthy techniques/technologies/knowledge material have been developed in the institutions which can provide the techniques, technologies, seeds and formulations to the farmers and other organizations for taking up the frontier technologies to the field. Such information will be useful for:

  • Farmers
  • Farmers-entrepreneurs
  • Extension workers and development agencies
  • NGOs
  • Private sector organizations

Salient achievements since inception

  • The Institute undertakes testing of soil and water samples and issued reports on their quality. About 200 samples per year are tested and the test reports are sent to the concerned.
  • Technical queries received from the various categories of clients such as fish farmers, entrepreneurs, self help groups, government organisations and NGOs are attended and the queries are related to the topics such as aquaculture technologies, organisation of training programmes and payment of fees, technical guidance, analytical testing services and fees , and correspondence under technology transfer programmes etc. About 1100 queries are attended during every year.
  • Large number of students, officials, farmers and entrepreneurs visit ATIC (more than 4000 persons per year) and get first hand information about the technologies developed at CIFA and the activities of CIFA. The centre also provides feedback information from the clients about the technologies.
  • Various priced publications and publications are also distributed to the interested visitors. The publications available at ATIC provide information on important technologies and facilitate adoption of the technologies by the interested clients. ATIC generates sale proceeds to the tune of Rs 50,000.00 every year.
  • Every year, more than 20 training programmes are organized at CIFA on the various subject areas of freshwater aquaculture for the benefit of fish farmers, officials and other entrepreneurs, and the ATIC facilities are being used.
  • The exhibits and other Audio-Visual materials kept in the centre provide awareness about the various technologies developed at CIFA.
  • The class room at ATIC is well furnished and equipped with audio visual equipments for projection facilities during training sessions for various categories of trainees.