Soil & Water Chemistry Lab

Soil and Water Chemistry Unit:

The main objective of this unit is to carry out research on the fundamental and applied aspects of the soil and water quality in relation to aquatic environment management for sustainable productivity enhancement in freshwater aquaculture system. The unit is equipped with basic instrumental facilities (UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, multi parameter water quality analyzer, kjeldahl apparatus for N estimation etc.) to conduct research work on aquatic environment management. Considering the huge demand of the fish farmers of surrounding areas, we also offer our services to analyze soil and water quality parameter for freshwater aquaculture system on payment basis. The details of the analysis services are as follows:


Sl. No. Description of sample Parameters analyze Fee

(Rs. per sample)


Water samples

pH, EC, Dissolved-P, Ammonium, Nitrate and Nitrite, Total alkalinity, Total hardness



Sediment samples

pH, EC, Available-N, Available-P, Organic carbon