क्षेत्रीय अनुसंधान केंद्र, बठिंडा


The ICAR-CIFA, RRC-Bathinda, came into existence from the 2nd September, 2016, and is situated in the close proximity of the AIIMS, Bathinda, Dabwali Road, Lal Singh Nagar, Bathinda, Punjab, 151001. The Bathinda district is located in the southern part of the Punjab State, and it lies in between 29o 33` and 30o 36` North latitude and 74o 38` and 75o 46` East longitude. Due to its important geological location, this centre can cater the need of the fish farmers of Punjab, Hariyana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, and can play a key role in the development of freshwater aquaculture in the Northern regions of India.

Staff list

Mukesh Kumar Bairwa

Scientist & In-charge


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Focal areas of research

The centre is newly established and mainly deals with the need based research of the regions and is currently engaged in the following areas of research and extensions

  • Saline water aquaculture
  • Canal water aquaculture
  • Fish species diversification for enhancing production and income of the farmers
  • Dissemination of modern aquaculture technology in the northern regions of India by training and exposure visit of the farmers

Ongoing projects

Institute based projects

# Project Title Project Team Duration
Optimisation of seed rearing protocol for commercially important freshwater fishes in salt affected regions Dr. Mukesh Kumar Bairwa
Mr Arunjyoti Baruah
Ms Priyanka C. Nandanpawar
Dr. P. P. Chakrabarti
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
G/E interaction evaluation for growth rate of Jayanti rohu in different parts of India Dr. Kuntia Murmu, PI
Dr. M. K. Bairwa, Co-PI

Externally Funded Project

# Project Title Project Team Duration
Network Project “Ornamental Fish Breeding and  Culture” Dr S. K. Swain, PI
Dr M. K. Bairwa, Co-PI
Mr Sunil Kumar Ail, Co-PI
Mr Arunjyoti Baruah, Co-PI

Future thrust areas of research and extension

  • Dissemination of modern scientific aquaculture technology to the region, through training and exposure of farmers and also the need based research
  • Introduction of various fish species which are suitable to culture in the low (~5 ppt) saline water
  • Introduction of species suitable to culture in saline water ( upto 5 ppt)
  • Canal water Aquaculture
  • Establishment of the multiplier units of Jayanti Rohu and other freshwater species which can survive in the low salinity
  • Establishment of the pearl culture training facilities
  • Establishment of ornamental fish breeding and culture units
  • Dissemination of training on cat fish culture practices
  • Establishment of ICAR-CIFA aqua field school

Training programmes conducted

# Title Venue Duration No. of participant
Carp Culture and It's Disease Management RRC CIFA Bathinda 09.10.18 to 11.10.18 50
NFDB funded one skill development training programme for 3 days entitled Best management in Fish farming KVK, Bathinda 17-19 September 2019 50
Need assessment for the development of scientific aquaculture practice for SC farmers of Shri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab under SCSP Programme Shri Muktsar Sahib 24 September, 2019 130
Need assessment for the development of scientific aquaculture practice for SC farmers of Faridkot, Punjab under SCSP Programme Faridkot 24 September, 2019 130
Freshwater pearl farming-An emerging profitable venture for everybody RRC CIFA, Bathinda 04-06 February 2020 48
Technical Intervention for Sustainable Livelihood Development of SC Farmers of Bathinda, Punjab under SCSP Programme KVK, Bathinda 28-29 January 2020. 33

Significant Achievements in last five years

  • Establishment of the new centre along with its basic facilities/infrastructure
  • Establishment of a small scale aquaponics system as a demonstration unit
  • Establishment of ornamental aquarium units for experiment cum demonstration

Facilities (lab/ farm)

Laboratory: Very recently, the RRC of ICAR-CIFA, Bathinda, has developed a small laboratory with few instruments and limited facilities to carry out experiments on some water quality parameters like DO, PH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Salinity, CO2, Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrate. The lab is open for fish farmers to test the water parameters, and is free of cost.

Inside view of the laboratories

Farm: RRC of ICAR-CIFA, Bathinda has 10 nos. of cemented tanks.

Cemented tanks

Ornamental fish culture unit: Ornamental fish culture unit of the centre contains 100 nos of glass aquarium. The unit is presently maintaining some ornamental fish varieties having commercial value and future scope in this region

Inside view of the ornamental fish culture unit /aquarium

Aquaponics unit: Recently the centre has developed an aquaponic unit utilising wastage of few ornamental fish species. The unit is presently experimentally use to see the growth of Tomato, Chilli and Brinjal plant.

Inside view of the aquaponics unit