Our Director


Dear friends

With a vision of making Indian freshwater aquaculture globally competitive through eco friendly and economically viable fish production systems for livelihood and nutritional security, ICAR-CIFA is on a ravishing path of continuous growth and development. Sandwiched between the holy land of Puri and the temple city of Bhubaneswar, it is fast setting a benchmark in its efforts towards doubling the farmers’ income as well as in making the blue revolution pandemic. Accredited with the latest ISO 9001-2015 QMS, it boasts of an intellectually strong, stable and sustainable scientific community, with diversified interests, synchronized and focused to transform aquaculture practices innovatively.

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food industry. It should come as no surprise as it is taxed with the responsibility of feeding a rapidly growing global population. As worldwide aquaculture produce food consumption increases, sustainable aquaculture must ramp up its production to keep pace with demand. The growth of sustainable aquaculture is imperative to easing pressure off wild fisheries populations. Aquaculture faces an immense challenge ahead. But with the industry growing and evolving simultaneously, the goal of feeding the world in a sustainable manner becomes an achievable goal. Luckily, there has been a lot of innovation and technology developed recently geared toward the longevity and sustainability of the industry.

With “Innovation” as the new survival mantra today, it is imperative for us to redefine our strategies and bring novelty in our techniques- not only for growth and competitive advantage, but also to ensure that our future development is sustainable and inclusive. Innovation is nothing but a state of mind that plays a key role in bringing about creative dissatisfaction, creative chaos, creative problem solving tricks and helps in cross pollination of ideas. Our candid endeavors to disruptively innovate and consistently outshine have resulted into a classic odyssey of success in valuable aquaculture research activities comprising publications, patents, technologies and collaborations.

ICAR-CIFA has always been an ever set example of convergence of ideas that have the potential to revolutionize the world of aquaculture! The naturally aesthetic campus invites you to embrace the glorified art of GROW FISH…. GROW WITH FISH!!

Warm welcome to the vibrant and passionate civilization of freshwater aquaculture!!

Best compliments and regards,

Dr. S.S. Mishra

Director (Acting), ICAR- CIFA