External Funded projects

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Project Code


1 Biotechnology information system on aquaculture E-01 Mr. S. S. Mahapatra,

2 Application of plastics in agriculture E-03 Dr. B. C. Mohapatra,

Sr. Scientist
3 A comprehensive study on argulosis: Host parasite interaction with respect to modulation of innate and specific immune responses, and development of preventive of control measures E-41 Dr. P. K. Sahoo,

Sr. Scientist
4 Application of microorganisms in agriculture and allied sectors (AMAAS).
Theme: Microbial diversity and identification: Isolation and characterization of microbes  from freshwater ecosystem (component-I)
E-49 Dr. N. K. Maiti,

Pr. Scientist
5 Development of library of putative probionts from marine/freshwater environment belonging to the genus pseudomonas, Micrococcus and Bacillus for application in marine/freshwater aquaculture system (component-II)
 New title:
Development of a library of putative probionts from freshwater environment belonging to the group Lactic acid bacteria for application in freshwater aquaculture system.
E-50 Dr S. Mohanty, 

Sr. Scientist
6 Improved disease resistance of rohu carp and tiger shrimp farmed in India: developing and implementing advanced molecular methods and streamlining access to and use of genetic resources E-51 Dr. P. K. Sahoo,

 National Fellow
7 A value chain in murrel production in Tamil Nadu and Orissa (Component-2) E-52 Dr. Kuldeep Kumar,

Pr. Scientist
8 Toll-like receptors in phylogenetically divergent fish species their contribution in modulating the innate immunity (component-4) E-53 Dr. M. Samanta,

Sr. Scientist
9 Sustainable livelihood improvement through integrated freshwater aquaculture, horticulture and livestock development in Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Sambalpur districts of Orissa (component-III) E-54

Dr. S. K. Swain,

 Pr. Scientist

10 Carp seed production in mobile hatchery and rearing for livelihood development for SC/ST communities in selected districts of Orissa E-56

Dr. B. C. Mohapatra,

Sr. Scientist

11 Indo-Norwegian platform on fish and shellfish vaccine development: Evaluation of major porins, ompC and ompR of Aeromonas hydrophila as potential vaccine candidates and identification and characterization of immune genes of Indian major carp Labeo rohita E-57 Dr. P. K. Sahoo,

 National Fellow
12 Bio-prospecting of genes and allele mining for abiotic stress. E-58 Dr. N. K. Maiti,

 Pr. Scientist
13 First generation linkage map in Labeo rohita (rohu): A potential genomic resource for identification of trait associated genes


Dr. P. Das,

Pr. Scientist
14 Quality seed production and stock upgradation of carps through use of cryopreservation technology in selected hatcheries of India.


Dr. P. Routray,

Sr. Scientist
16 Intellectual property management and transfer/commercialization of agricultural technology.


Dr. P. Swain,

National Fellow
17 Transfer of technology of composite carp culture through demonstration among SC/ST women in Boudh and Purulia. E-62 Dr. H. K. De,

Sr. Scientist
18 Development of DNA vaccine to combat Edwardsiella tarda infection in commercially important food fishes. E-64 Dr. B. K. Das,

Sr. Scientist
19 Seed production and grow-out culture of indigenous catfish, magur through training and demonstration in North Eastern States ( Assam and Manipur) E-65 Dr. A. K. Sahu,

Pr. Scientist
20 Genetic improvement of freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de man) in India - Phase-2. E-66 Dr. Bindu R. Pillai,

Sr. Scientist
21  Development of captive brood stock bank of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (scampi) at Nellore E-67 Dr. Bindu R. Pillai,

Sr. Scientist
21 The nature of impact of abiotic stresses on three diverse freshwater species of fishes E-68 Dr. M. Samanta,

Sr. Scientist
22 Nanotechnology in aquaculture: an alternative approaches for   fish health management and water remediation. E-69 Dr. P. Swain,

National Fellow
23 Development of a protocol for targeted integration of genes in Catla (Catla catla) E-70 Dr. H. K. Burman,

 Sr. Scientist
24 Development of molecular marker based seed identification system of cultured carps (Cyprinidae) E-80 Dr. P. Jayasankar,

Director, CIFA

Molecular characterization of gonadotropin and gonadotropin receptors and their regulation during photothermal manipulation of reproduction in rohu (Labeo rohita)

E-90 Dr. Ashis Saha,

 Sr. Scientist

Better management practices for stripped catfish, Pangasiodon hypophthalamus farming in India.

E-91 Dr. B. S. Giri,

Sr. Scientist

Development of Novel Immunopotentiator Molecules from Fish Host and Pathogens for Broad Spectrum Disease Control in Freshwater Aquaculture.

E-92 Dr. P.K. Sahoo,

National Fellow

A value chain in production and utilization of Indian major carps and prawn from aquaculture system

E-93 Dr. P.K. Sahoo,

National Fellow
29 Outreach activity on Nutrient Profiling and Evaluation of   Fish as a Dietary Component E-94 Dr. B. N. Paul,

 Sr. Scientist
30 Outreach activity on fish feeds E-95 Dr. S. S. Giri,



Outreach activity on fish genetic stocks E-96 Dr. P. Das,

 Principal Scientist

DST Funded Women Scientist Projects

SL. No

Title with the name of the Scientist

Project Code


1 Colour improvement of a few commercially important ornamental fish species through dietary incorporation of natural pigmenting carotenoids.
Dr. Gopa Mitra


Dr. P. Jayasankar
2 Screening and characterization of an Δ6 desaturase among warm freshwater fishes in India.
Mrs. Madhusmita Nayak       


Dr. A. Saha
3 Growth and Production efficiency of three larger macrobrachium species, Macrobrachium resenbergii, M.malcolmsonii and M.gangeticum under mono and polyculture practices.
Dr. Prasanti Mishra    


Dr.B. R.Pillai


Dr.H. K. Barman

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) Programme

DST Funded

SL. No

Title with the name of the Fellow

Project Code

Mentor/ Supervisor

1 Development of selected genomic resources in Macrobrachium resenbergii
Mr. Padmanava Mohanty      
INS-1 Dr. P. Das
2 Cryopreservation of male and female germ cells of fish for transplantation .
Mrs. Sunita Patra       
INS-2 Dr. P Routray
3 Development of Storage protocol of fish oocyte for fertilization and seed production
Ms. Gayatri Mishra
INS-3 Dr. P Routray

Contract Research Projects

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Project Code



Evaluation of the efficacy of “Bio-Bac” on the grow-out performance of freshwater prawn, M. rosenbergii.


Dr. Bindu
R. Pillai,

Sr. Scientist