Fish Health Management Division

Fish Health Management Division

  • Divisional Objectives

    • To conduct basic, strategic and applied research on freshwater fish diseases, their diagnosis & control
    • To enhance aquaculture productivity through application of environment friendly microorganisms
    • To provide training and consultancy service on fish health management in aquaculture

    Important Activities of the Division

    • Monitoring national fish disease outbreaks and serological screening of diseases
    • Development of vaccine using molecular techniques
    • Molecular characterization of important bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi
    • Application of probiotics in aquaculture
    • Immunity and immunomodulation in fish
    • Maternal immunity in craps and their role in seed survival
    • Standardization of cell culture of Carps
    • Repository of pathogenic bacteria and immuno diagnostic reagents
    • Isolation and characterization of bacteria associated with nutrient cycles and bioremediation
    • Biodiversity and identification of microorganisms important to aquaculture
    • Nanotechnology in aquaculture

    Laboratory Facilities

    • Bacteriology Lab
    • Immunodiagnostics Lab
    • Molecular Diagnostics Lab
    • Environmental Microbiology Lab
    • Pathology Lab
    • Immunology Lab
    • Mycology & Parasitology Lab
    • Probiotics Lab
    • Histopathology Lab
    • Cell Culture Lab

    Provide Consultancy and Advisory Services to

    • Various State Govt. Fisheries Departments
    • Private aquaculturists
    • Various Trainees

    Scientific Staff

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    Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra

    Principal Scientist & Head

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    Dr. Priyabrat Swain

    Principal Scientist

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    Dr. Pramoda Kumar Sahoo

    Principal Scientist & National Fellow

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  • List of On-going Institute Projects

    # Project Title PI Duration
    01 Development of suitable prophylactic and control measures for health management in challenged freshwater aquaculture systems in India S. S. Mishra 2018-21
    02 Identification and characterization of organic compounds from medicinal plants for the control of diseases in freshwater M. Samanta 2018-21
    03 Isolation and characterization of heterotrophic ammonia oxidising bacteria (AOB) and their application in aquaculture Pushpa Choudhary 2019-22

    List of On-going Externally Funded Projects

    # Project Title PI Duration Funding Source
    01 Network program on assessment of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in microorganisms associated with fisheries and aquaculture in India S. S. Mishra 2018-21 ICAR
    02 Harmonized one health trans-species and community surveillance for tackling antibacterial resistance in India S. S. Mishra 2019-20 BIRAC-DBT with INCLEN Trust International, New Delhi
    03 Development of novel immunopotentiator molecules from fish host and pathogens for broad spectrum disease control in freshwater aquaculture P. K. Sahoo 2011-21 ICAR
    04 C.R.Edit – Crispr/Cas9 edition to test and control genes implicated in influencing Aeromonas disease resistance in carp and salmon P. K. Sahoo 2019-2022 DST (Indo-Norway Project) NOFIMA
    05 Intellectual Property and Technology Management (IP & TM) (renamed as “ National Agriculture Innovation Foundation (NAIF)”-Component-I P. Swain 2015-20 ICAR
    06 Bioprocessing of fish wastes for productive end users S. P. Mohanty 2018-21 DST, Govt. of Odisha
    BIOCARE Scheme of the DBT for Women Scientist Scheme (Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India)
    07 Encapsulated adherent putative lactic acid bacteria as dietary probiotic supplement with optimized feeding regime for Indian major carp, Labeo rohita Usha Jyoti Maji
    S. Mohanty
    (Mentor Scientist)
    2019-22 Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology
    Emeritus Scientist Scheme
    08 Characterization of gut microbiome of Labeo rohita : A step towards manipulation of bacterial communities for enhancement of productivity in aquaculture system N. K. Maiti 2018-21 ICAR

  • Brief Research Aachivements

    • Molecular diagnostics for Koi Herpes Virus (KHV), Spring Vireamia of Carp (SVC) developed
    • A. hydrophila Sub-unit vaccine using OMP-C & ABC transporter binding protein developed and now under trial in carps
    • Recombinant DNA Vaccine against Edwardsiella tarda : under trial
    • The recombinant RdRp protein of prawn Noda Virus (MrNV): anti-vial & immunostimulant in M. rosenbergii
    • Dot-ELISA & Spot agglutination kit for Edwardsiellosis, Aeromoniasis and Bacterial gill disease of Indian major
    • Synthesized Nano-particles viz. FeO, MgO, CuO, ZnO, Se, Al, Au, Ag and Ag-TiO2 : Antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, growth promoting and water remediating activities evaluated
    • Role of TRLs in innate immunity in divergent fish species studied
    • Allele mining of bacterial hsp60 & hsp70 genes and genotyping of bacterial isolates being carried out
    • Lactic acid bacteria used as Probiotics in IMC found effective
    • Effect of abiotic stressors on the physiological responses of Catla catla, Channa striatus and Clarias batrachus, are being studied

    Credits to the Division
    Technologies commercialized 03
    Patents filed 04
    National Awards 09
    DBT Overseas Fellowships 02
    BOYSCAST (DST) Fellowship 01
    Japanese Fellowship 01
    ICAR National Fellowships 02
    National level trainings conducted 27

    Technologies Commercialized

    CIFAX: Prevents and cures ulcerative diseases of freshwater fishes.

    CIFACURE: For bacterial and fungal diseases of ornamental fish

    Immunoboost-C: Improves brood fish health and seed survival in carps.

    Patent Obtained

    • Male-specific protein of Labeo rohita Ham. – A key for sex differentiation and brood stock management.(P. Swain et al.,)
      (Patent No. 252072, Date 24.04.2012)

    Patent Filled

    • A Method of producing antibacterial extracts from freshwater algae, B.K.Das et al.(Application No. 749/KOL/2011)
    • A process for differential sero-diagnosis of Gram-negative bacterial infections(P. Swain et al., Patent application No. 1403/DEL/2003 dated 12/11/2003)
    • A Competitive ELISA for diagnosis of microbial infections in Indian major carps.(P. Swain et al., Patent application No. 1402/DEL/2003 dated 12/11/2003)
    • Method for identification and differentiation of Argulus siamensis and A. japonicus,(P.K. Sahoo et al., Patent application no. 1108/KOL/2013 dated 26.09.2013)

  • Publications of the Division
    International research publications 153
    National research publications 187
    Seminars, Symposia and Workshops 17
    Popular articles 51
    Scientific Books 04
    Training manuals 19