Fish Health Management Division

  • To conduct basic, strategic and applied research on freshwater fish diseases, their diagnosis & control
  • To enhance aquaculture productivity through application of environment friendly microorganisms
  • To provide training and consultancy service on fish health management in aquaculture


1 Dr. S.S. Mishra Principal Scientist & Head
2 Dr. P. Swain Principal Scientist & National Fellow
3 Dr. P.K. Sahoo Principal Scientist & National Fellow
4 Dr. S. Mohanty Principal Scientist
5 Dr. M. Samanta Principal scientist
6 Mr. Rakesh Das Scientist
7 Mrs. Pushpa Choudhary Scientist
8 Ms. Farhana Hoque Scientist
9 Jackson Debbarma Scientist
10 Arunjyoti Baruah Scientist
11 Satya Narayan Sahoo Scientist
13 Sh. Bhikari Charan Bhoi SSS
14 Sh. Pravat Kumar Mohapatra SSS


  • Bacteriology Lab.
  • Immunodiagnostics lab.
  • Molecular Diagnostics Lab.
  • Environmental Microbiology Lab
  • Pathology Lab.
  • Immunology Lab.
  • Mycology & Parasitology lab.
  • Probiotics lab.
  • Histopathology Lab.
  • Cell Culture Lab.


  • Monitoring national fish disease outbreaks and serological screening of diseases

  • Development of vaccine using molecular techniques

  • Molecular characterization of important bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi

  • Application of probiotics in aquaculture

  • Immunity and immunomodulation in fish

  • Maternal immunity in craps and their role in seed survival

  • Standardization of cell culture of Carps

  • Repository of pathogenic bacteria and immuno diagnostic reagents

  • Isolation and characterization of bacteria associated with nutrient cycles and

  • Biodiversity and identification of microorganisms important to aquaculture

  • Nanotechnology in aquaculture



  • Molecular diagnostics for Koi Herpes Virus (KHV), Spring Vireamia of Carp (SVC) developed

  • A. hydrophila Sub-unit vaccine using OMP-C & ABC transporter binding protein developed and now under trial in carps

  • Recombinant DNA Vaccine against Edwardsiella tarda : under trial.

  • The recombinant RdRp protein of prawn Noda Virus (MrNV): anti-vial & immunostimulant in M. rosenbergii

  • Dot-ELISA & Spot agglutination kit for Edwardsiellosis, Aeromoniasis and Bacterial gill disease of Indian major

  • Synthesized Nano-particles viz. FeO, MgO, CuO, ZnO, Se, Al, Au, Ag and Ag-TiO2 : Antimicrobial, immunomodulatory, growth promoting and water remediating activities evaluated.

  • Role of TRLs in innate immunity in divergent fish species studied

  • Allele mining of bacterial hsp60 & hsp70 genes and genotyping of bacterial isolates being carried out.

  • Lactic acid bacteria used as Probiotics in IMC found effective

  • Effect of abiotic stressors on the physiological responses of Catla catla, Channa striatus and Clarias batrachus, are being studied



CIFAX : Prevents and cures ulcerative diseases of freshwater fishes.




For bacterial and fungal diseases of ornamental fish.

Immunoboost-C : Improves brood fish health and seed survival in carps.


  • Male-specific protein of Labeo rohita Ham. – A
    key for sex differentiation and brood stock management.(P. Swain et al.,)
    (Patent No. 252072, Date 24.04.2012)


  • A Method of producing antibacterial extracts from freshwater algae, B.K.Das et al.,

  • Application No. 749/KOL/2011.

  • A process for differential sero-diagnosis of Gram-negative bacterial infections (P. Swain et al., Patent application No. 1403/DEL/2003 dated 12/11/2003)

  • A Competitive ELISA for diagnosis of microbial infections in Indian major carps. (P. Swain et al., Patent application No. 1402/DEL/2003 dated 12/11/2003)

  • Method for identification and differentiation of Argulus siamensis and A. japonicus, (P.K. Sahoo et al., Patent application no. 1108/KOL/2013 dated 26.09.2013).

Publications of the Division

Credits to the Division

International research publications  : 153

National                                           : 187

Seminars, Symposia and Workshops: 17

 National level trainings conducted : 27

Popular articles                                 : 51

Scientific Books                               : 04

Training manuals                              : 19

Technologies commercialized   : 03

Patents filed                              : 04

National Awards                      : 09

DBT Overseas Fellowships      : 02

BOYSCAST (DST) Fellowship: 01

Japanese Fellowship                 : 01

ICAR National Fellowships     : 02

Consultancy and Advisory Services

For, Various State Govt. Fisheries Departments

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