Technology Commercialized

CIFAX is a chemical formulation for fish against parasitic diseases & bacterial diseases. It prevents and cures ulcerative diseases of freshwater fishes. Control measures for parasitic and bacterial infections.  It is very effective against epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS). It prevents and cures EUS with certainty. The results can be seen within 3-7 days. It helps in removing environmental stress factors by its bactericidal effects. It flashes the skin and gill tissue, setting it free from disease producing organisms without affecting the intestinal micro flora. It provides quality maintenance of water parameters and soil condition. It keeps a check over opportunistic bacterial pathogens in the aquatic environment, by providing strong bactericidal effect for a long time. It maintains optimum pH, DO, alkalinity and hardness of water. It treats the soil and improves nitrogen content which helps plankton production and ultimately increases fish production. It helps in growth of fish production and prevents various diseases. It also improves the texture and shining in the fish.

Immunoboost –C
Immunoboost-C is an immunostimulant to improve brood fish health and seed production in carps. It modulates the fish immunity against microbial diseases and has been proven through extensive trials conducted at many aquaculture regions in India. It is also given to spawn, fry and fingerlings through bath treatment during seed transport. Immunoboost-C at dose of 0.2 ml /kg body weight injection to brood fish before 15 days of breeding enhances immunity levels and disease resistance of brood fish itself and spawn thereby more seed production. When it is injected to spent fish just after breeding it improves post spawning health.

CIFACURE is used for controlling common bacterial and fungal infections of freshwater ornamental fishes. The product can be very well be used in the aquarium and other outdoor tanks where the ornamental fishes are grown. It controls many bacterial diseases like haemorrhagic septicemia, ulcers, fin rot, tail rot, eye disease and mouth fungus and other fungal infections. It is available in 25ml dropper bottles.