Technologies Commercialized By ICAR-CIFA


CIFACURE is used for controlling common bacterial and fungal infections of freshwater ornamental fishes. The product can be very well used in aquarium and other outdoor tanks where the ornamental fishes are grown. It controls many bacterial diseases like haemorrhagic septicemia, ulcers, fin rot, tail rot, eye diseases and mouth fungus and other fungal infections. It is available in 25 ml dropper bottle.
Manufactured and marketed by: Durga Enterprises, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


CIFAX™ is a chemical formulation and first commercialized technology of CIFA. It prevents and cures ulcerative diseases of freshwater fishes.
Manufactured and marketed by: Agarwal Trading Co., Raipur, Chattisgarh.


CIFABROOD™ is an exclusive carp brood stock diet, adequately rich in essential nutrients. It advances gonad growth and maturation, facilitates early spawning and significantly increases spawning response. Suitable for multiple/repeated breeding, off season gonad growth and post spawning recovery. The rate of feeding is 3-5% of total body weight during egg development phase.
Manufactured & Marketed by: Aisharya Aquaculture Pvt. Ltd. Naihati, West Bengal.


CIFA-CRYO is a manually operated handy cryofreezer for gamete cryopreservation. This manually operated handy cryofreezer is used for the cryopre-servation of milt of freshwater fish species. This is suitable and more advantageous in terms of liquid nitrogen use, size of the unit, on-farm utilization and easy operation. It is helpful in processing the milt sample upto -60° c for storage in liquid nitrogen (-196° c).
Manufactured & Marketed by: Biotechnika, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

FRP Carp Hatchery

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) carp hatchery has proved to be a very effective tool in carp seed production which will be beneficial to the farmers. It can be transported, installed and operated in remote places to ensure easy and timely availability of carp seeds. FRP hatchery is suitable for fish breeding in field conditions for 10-12 kg of carps in one operation and can be used as a tool for bio-diversity conservation.
Manufactured & Marketed by: M. R. Aquatech, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


Immunoboost-C is an immunostimulant to improve brood fish health and seed production in carps. It modulates the fish immunity against microbial diseases and has been proven through extensive trials conducted at many aquaculture regions in India. It is also given to spawn, fry and fingerlings through bath treatment during seed transport.
Manufactured & Marketed by: Smruti Agency, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Jayanti Rohu

Jayanti Rohu™ was developed through selective breeding of rohu, Labeo rohita from different founder populations of North Indian Rivers. Improved Jayanti Rohu™ is the first genetically improved fish in India. It has shown improvement in the gain of 17% per generation for growth trait. Dissemination of improved rohu to different parts of India is under progress.

Portable Magur Hatchery

Portable Magur Hatchery has its high market demand due to its protein rich flavour and medicinal value. The portable magur hatchery is a simple device comprising a stand on which are placed a row of plastic tubs (12 em dia, 6 em high). Water supplied from the overhead tank through a common pipe to all the tubes with individual control tabs. It includes egg incubation and hatching. The technology creates a suitable environment for high hatching percentage where maximum 50,000 eggs can be incubated at a time.
Manufactured & Marketed by: M. R. AquaTech, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.