Post Harvest Technology Lab

CIFA has also been engaged in developing product that would add value to the aquaculture farm produce. The carcass quality viz., carcass cuttability, offal traits and meat: bone ratio has been evaluated for Indian major carps. The pin bones (intramuscular bones),both ‘y’ and straight bones, of rohu, catla and mrigal were compared. Sensorye valuation of flesh of seven carp species was compared and rohu flesh was the most accepted by the panelists. Amino acid and fatty acid profiles of sevencarp species have been analyzed in order to sensitize the consumers regarding the nutritional values of carps.

Fresh fish technology for carps, pangas, murrels and tilapia was assessed, refined and transferred to the stake holders. Whole deboned carps, fillets, nuggets and chunks were developed as ready to eat and ready to cook products for super markets. Processing and value addition of carp eggs for high nutritional efficiency product like ‘carps egg slice’ was developed.